Featured Handbags: Spring 2011

Geisha Mini Messenger Bag
This cute mini messenger comes lined with pretty satin fabric, two side pockets, a front pocket and a handy adjustable straps so you can carry it as a purse or as a crossbody. - $30
Note: You can choose the color of the bag's body, buttons and flowers when you order; or request the one you see before you :)

Golden Princess Handbag
   This bag has a nice and roomy interior that's lined with black satin fabric and has pretty gold buttons! You'll be able to carry all of your on the go needs in this stylish bag! - $25

Trellis Handbag
My favorite stitch to use repeats around this whole bag to form a elegant diamond pattern! To finish things off it's lined with a soft satin fabric and a soft button. - $30
Available Colors: Violet/Black, White/Baby Blue, Baby Pink/Fuschia, and White/Pink

Flower Trellis Clutch
Perfect for a nice little event or any day to make your outfit look even better. This trellis-stitched clutch comes lined with black satin fabric and a soft button closure. -$16

Featured Handbags: Sweet & Pink

Bubblegum Baubles Handbag
Brighten Up any outfit with this pretty bauble stitched handbag. comes lined with pink satin fabric, a large pocket in the bag and a flap for closure. - $20.00 ea.

  Available in:

     Lemon(white with yellow baubles)

     Sugar Drops(blue with white baubles)   

     Licorice(white with black baubles) 

Sweetheart Handbag
This lovely coffee brown purse comes lined in pink satin, accented with two shiny black buttons for closure and a sweet heart pocket on the front! Sized for girls and women with an adjustable strap - $20.00

Peace Out Shoulder Bag
Make a statement with this stylish purse and it's universal symbol. There are two pockets on the side and it's circumference is 8". - $15.00
  Available in:
     Hot Pink

A. Bright Bauble Handbag, It'll be hard to find an outfit this stylish purse doesn't go with! And you'll be able to carry around accessories big and small with it's expandable body and wide back pocket. Available in three color duos (brown/pink, brown/green, and brown/blue) $15.00

B. Striped Pom Pom Clutch, You're keys will definitely want to hang out on this fun clutch, plus with it's small size it'll fit nicely into just about any handbag or be carried on its own. $10.00 ea.

C.Bubblegum Handbag, Available in pink, yellow, blue or black $20.00

D.Sweetheart Handbag, This purse is soft, coffee brown colored and comes with either a baby pink heart or hot pink heart pocket on the front. Two shiny black buttons are on the sides for closure and fluffy,soft pompoms on the bottom. $20.00

E. PomPom Handbag This drawstring purse comes in pink, blue, black, brown and purple with two matching gems at the rim. With a pocket in the back to stock your phone, gloss or whatever :) 5"x8" $20.00

F. Gum Drops Clutch $15.00

G. Peace Out Handbag Get groovy with this fun shoulderbag, that has a big button closure on the back. (available in hot pink, green, bright yellow and baby blue) $10.00

H. Cocoa Stripes Pillowbag This bag is not only sweet with it's flower and stripes, but functional with it's expandable body and front pocket. $8.00