Featured Handbags: Spring 2011

Geisha Mini Messenger Bag
This cute mini messenger comes lined with pretty satin fabric, two side pockets, a front pocket and a handy adjustable straps so you can carry it as a purse or as a crossbody. - $30
Note: You can choose the color of the bag's body, buttons and flowers when you order; or request the one you see before you :)

Golden Princess Handbag
   This bag has a nice and roomy interior that's lined with black satin fabric and has pretty gold buttons! You'll be able to carry all of your on the go needs in this stylish bag! - $25

Trellis Handbag
My favorite stitch to use repeats around this whole bag to form a elegant diamond pattern! To finish things off it's lined with a soft satin fabric and a soft button. - $30
Available Colors: Violet/Black, White/Baby Blue, Baby Pink/Fuschia, and White/Pink

Flower Trellis Clutch
Perfect for a nice little event or any day to make your outfit look even better. This trellis-stitched clutch comes lined with black satin fabric and a soft button closure. -$16